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SnowKist Studios


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Currently for sale

Kinetic Potential sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis. This particular sculpture has amazing detail from the realistic wrinkles, veining and flowing movement. One cannot capture such detail in a photo, this guy must be seen in person to be fully appreciated! He is painted a dappled bay tobiano with hours and hours of  hand detailing. The pics don't capture the true color or detail. I honestly feel that he is one of the nicest horses I have ever painted. I believe this resin is limited to 60 pieces and is hard to come by. SOLD!





"Streetwise" Resin sculpted by Karen Gerhardt and limited to a one mold run. He is a performance friendly traditional scale gelding awaiting a new rider! He is painted a seal brown overo with golden highlights. He has subtle, realistic dappling that really sets off his color. Another favorite, I wouldn't mind if he stayed here in my cabinet! SOLD!




Breyer New Mold Traditional Sized Peruvian Paso sculpted by Linda York. I have two to offer.
 The first is a dark dappled palomino mare with a mixed grey and off white mane and tail. The shading and dappling on this mare are just fabulous. She also sports amber eyes which occur in some of the dilute colors. SOLD!
The second is a WILD grulla with dun factoring which includes a dorsal stripe, leg and neck barring. He is very subtle in his dappling and the effect is very eye catching. He is a must see to appreciate in person  color! $185.00 ppd.






Satisfaction is guaranteed! If for some reason you are not pleased with your purchase you must inform me within 3 days after it arrives. You must return horse in the same condition within 7 days after arrival.

Payment must arrive within 7 days. Papal, money orders and personal checks accepted. There will be a 3 week hold on all personal checks.

I cannot except trades unless it is for certain unpainted

Terms are available on certain items. All monies paid are non refundable if you should change your mind are cannot complete the transaction.

Please DO NOT wrap any plastics (Breyer, Peter Stone) in bubble wrap! If you choose to do so, it will be at your own risk. Breyers, Peter Stones don't seem to fair well wrapped in bubble wrap in hot and/or humid, enclosed conditions.

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